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Do Emaysou wicks candles burn clean?

Yes. We test and create our candles to ensure that there is a clean burn with no black soot.   If black soot starts to be emitted from the candle, blow the candle out and trim the wick. 

How do I keep my candle from tunneling or uneven burn?

Ensure you allow the candle to burn until you see a full melt pool, this is usually between 2-3 hours of burning.   Candle wax has a memory, therefore if you burn your candle for a short time without allowing the wax to melt to the sides of the candle container, when you relight the candle it will burn in the original pattern and this will create tunneling. 

What are the safety rules when burning candles?

Candles are safe when used responsibly and in line with candle safety rules to prevent fire and serious injury:

  • Never leave a candle unattended

  • Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch on fire. 

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

  • Do not move a burning candle

  • Always trim the wick once candle has cooled

  • Lit candles should be kept 3 inches apart. 

  • Keep away from drafts and vibrations 

  • Always use heat resistant surface 

  • Each candle comes with a safety label and burning instructions. For more information please refer to our candle safety page.  

Can I re-use the glass candle container?

We use Soya wax and the beauty of this wax is that it can be washed away very easily. Once the wax has completely burned out, you can add washing up liquid and hot water to melt any remaining wax, rinse and dry.

Our candle containers can be re-used as drinking glasses or toothbrush holders and any other uses you can find. 

Why does my candle look frosty?

Frosting appears natural when using the wonderful Soya Wax. It is also known as blooming and happens sometimes as the vegetable oil crystallises. It’s perfectly normal and does not 

affect the quality of the candle or your burn.

Why does my wick mushroom?

Mushrooming occurs when there is a carbon build-up on a burning wick. Wicks tend to produce a mushrooming affect when candles are heavily scented. The good news is that there tends be a slower candle burn with a mushroomed wick however, be sure to trim the wick as normal. 

My candle flame is large and is flickering a lot?

Extinguish the candle immediately and trim the wick.  If large flickering flame continues extinguish the candle and discontinue using. We test all of our candles to ensure that when the candle burns the flame is at a good level.

My candle seems to be sweating around the glass container?

Soy candles can sometimes release excess oils particularly with significant temperature changes, which will cause a sweating or wet appearance. Please do not worry this will not affect the burn at all.